Vales of Void and Shadow

Journal of Balthazar

Day x.
Wilderness. I hate the wilderness. It’s beautiful, yes, but it’s not my realm. Our guide knows this place like a second home, and even he is loathe to head into the swamps we’re making for. Tells me something.

Never the less, we must proceed. Commerce warfare could be the first step in a plan to undermine the keep. If so, war will come, and not the glorious kind my Lords favor.

Day x+2.

Frogs. Viscious, nasty little creatures. I told them they were there; they still don’t have eyes to see nor the sense to listen when I do. They have been laid to rest. We camped, before advancing into the keep we’ve found. Something does not bode well.

Season of Serpents, Sessions 1-19

What in later years became known as the Season of Serpents began innocently enough with the acquaintance of a few brave companions over the campfires of a caravan escort. Balthazar, Hector the Well Endowed , Callisto (human cleric), and Heskan had each joined with the caravan for their own reasons, but they became friends and grew to depend on each other as they faced the dangers of the road.

Shortly after arriving in Restwell Keep, the companions met a portly friar with shining eyes and a merry smile named Benwick. Benwick needed able minds and bodies to assist him against the darkness rising in the environs of the Keep. The first task was exposing, Ronnik, a banker and former adventurer, as a worshipper of Tiamat. Ronnick was in possession of the Serpent’s Eye, an artifact stolent once from the temple of Avandra, then later from the cult of Zehir. The adventurers were occaisionally aided by a halfling rogue that seemed to have a number different aliases and a cross-dressing dwarven slayer. Later, Catalina, a dragonborn warlord and longtime friend of Callisto, joined the party. Callisto was killed while bravely facing off against draconic cultists. His place amongst the heroes was taken by a paladin, Van.

After completing an excursion into the tomb of a dwarven bandit under Restwell Keep and being betrayed, the party foudn out that Benwich was actually a priest to Zehir, the god of serpents and poison. Benwick planned to use the Serpent’s Eye and treasure recovered by the party to bribe two black dragons to help him raise a reptilian army. Benwick would use the army to overrun Restwell Keep.

Tracking Benwick to antediluvian ruins with the aide of another halfing rogue, this one consistently named Meric, the party defeated one of the dragons.

Our heroes then returned to Restwell Keep with valuable information about the upcoming attack. Van left the group suddenly, called back to the road by the mysterious “Light” he claimed to serve. A somewhat sinister yet charming tiefling named Defiance was released from Restwell’s gaol for the specific purpose of aiding the heroes in their defense of Restwell Keep, along with Lord Drysdale, his troops, and a quickly-formed miltia of townsfolk.

The fate of Restwell Keep rests in the hands of these brave adventurers!


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